Bernedoodles, a delightful crossbreed between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, have surged in popularity due to their intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate nature. This article aims to provide comprehensive guidance on how to train a Bernedoodle, drawing insights from reputable sources such as

Understanding Bernedoodle Behavior

To effectively train Bernedoodles, it’s crucial to comprehend their behavior. These dogs are renowned for their eagerness to please and remarkable trainability. They thrive on positive reinforcement and relish learning new tasks. However, like all canines, they exhibit distinct personalities and behaviors that necessitate guidance and training.

Preparing for Training

Prior to commencing training sessions with your Bernedoodle, it’s imperative to make adequate mental and physical preparations.

Creating a Positive Training Environment

Establishing a conducive environment for training involves minimizing distractions, selecting a tranquil space, and ensuring your Bernedoodle is relaxed and attentive.

Gathering Necessary Training Supplies

Equipping yourself with the essential tools and supplies can enhance the effectiveness of training sessions. These may include treats, a leash and collar, a clicker for clicker training enthusiasts, and toys for reinforcement. Sources such as offer valuable insights into the types of supplies needed.

Basic Training Techniques


Teaching your Bernedoodle to sit is fundamental. Begin by holding a treat near their nose, gradually lifting your hand upward, prompting their head to follow the treat and their hindquarters to lower. Once they assume the sitting position, offer praise and reward them with the treat.


The stay command instills the importance of remaining in a designated position until released. Initiate by instructing your Bernedoodle to sit, then extend your hand forward with your palm facing them, uttering “stay.” Incrementally prolong the duration of the stay before offering rewards.


Training your Bernedoodle to come when called is indispensable for their safety and your peace of mind. Start by beckoning your dog’s name, followed by the command “come” in an upbeat tone. Upon their arrival, lavish them with praise and treats.


Teaching your Bernedoodle to lie down on command entails starting from the sit position and enticing them downward with a treat. Once they assume the prone position, express your approval and reward them accordingly.

Advanced Training Techniques

Leash Training

Mastering leash etiquette is pivotal in teaching your Bernedoodle to walk calmly without pulling. Begin by acclimatizing them to wearing a leash and collar indoors, progressively transitioning to outdoor walks.

Crate Training

Crate training provides your Bernedoodle with a secure sanctuary of their own. Introduce the crate gradually, employing positive reinforcement to foster favorable associations.


Socialization is indispensable for ensuring your Bernedoodle is well-adjusted and amicable towards other animals and people. Expose them to diverse environments, sounds, and encounters from a tender age. Resources like can offer valuable tips on socialization techniques.

Off-Leash Training

Off-leash training necessitates trust and reliability. Initiate in a secure, enclosed area, incrementally heightening distractions as your Bernedoodle’s training advances.

Addressing Behavior Issues


Excessive barking can be mitigated through techniques like teaching the “quiet” command and providing mental and physical stimulation to stave off boredom.


Offer your Bernedoodle appropriate chew toys and deter inappropriate chewing by redirecting their attention and rewarding desirable chewing behavior.


Discourage jumping by disregarding the behavior and only administering attention when all four paws are grounded. Encourage calm behavior and impart alternative greetings such as sitting.

Training Tips for Specific Situations

Training a Puppy

Initiate training your Bernedoodle puppy promptly upon their arrival, emphasizing positive reinforcement and brief, frequent sessions to maintain their focus. Utilize reputable sources such as for guidance on puppy training techniques.

Training an Adult Bernedoodle

Training an adult Bernedoodle may necessitate patience and consistency. Focus on cultivating trust and establishing yourself as a reliable leader through positive reinforcement and clear communication.

Maintaining Training Consistency

Consistency is paramount for successful training endeavors. Establish unambiguous rules and expectations, adhering to them consistently to avert confusion and reinforce positive behavior. Revisit resources like for ongoing support and guidance.

Celebrating Training Milestones

Celebrate your Bernedoodle’s training achievements with abundant praise, treats, and engaging activities. This bolsters their training and fortifies the bond between you and your beloved pet. Seek inspiration from for creative ways to celebrate milestones.


Training your Bernedoodle transcends mere command acquisition; it’s about fostering a robust bond grounded in trust, respect, and effective communication.

By comprehending your Bernedoodle’s behavior, adequately preparing for training, and employing positive reinforcement techniques, you can cultivate a well-mannered and contented companion for years to come.

Drawing insights from reputable sources like enriches your training journey and enhances your understanding of Bernedoodle care and behavior.

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